We build your building three times before we ever break ground to save you time, money and hassle.

Pinkard utilizes building information modeling (BIM) to build a project virtually during preconstruction as a predictable, consistent and reliable planning tool for the benefit of the owner, architect and construction crews.

We utilize Autodesk Revit Architectural Design software as our platform for BIM.  In addition to the use of Revit, Pinkard also utilizes Autodesk Navisworks software to manage the model for construction use. 

With Autodesk software, we model site logistics, perform job hazard analysis, analyze a design for constructability and cross-discipline coordination, develop virtual mock-ups, graphically represent phasing of occupied facilities, model self-performance concrete lift drawings and apply time and cost attributes to scheduling and estimates.  

Revit allows us to create a building model from scratch or utilize a model that is provided to us by the design team.  Once we have a completed model we organize the information and create a construction model.  The construction model allows us to see and develop a project virtually, so design and constructability issues are solved well in advance of operations in the field. 

By creating and dividing the model elements into parts, we perform material take-offs with trusted quantities that allow for better-informed decisions and “what if” analysis.  These model elements are also organized into construction views and exported into Navisworks for clash detection and activity scheduling.  This allows for real time coordination and visualization of phasing and logistics.