With over 20 National Excellence in Construction Awards, quality is part of Pinkard's DNA.

Each year, projects across the nation compete - first at the local level, and then nationally - for National Excellence in Construction awards. These coveted awards, given only to the best of the best, are given to projects that truly excel under challenging conditions. Each project is judged in terms of safety, quality produced and project outcome and they are pretty hard to come by.

That's why Pinkard is very proud of our unprescedented 20 National Excellence in Construction Awards - 18 of those first place Eagle Awards. These awards were won in diverse market types including higher education, recreation, office buildings, high tech projects, municipal projects and affordable and senior housing. They represent new construction and renovation and range in size from $4 million to over $40 million.

In short, we've given our owners excellence in all types of projects and we'd be proud to do the same for you.

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