Project Manager Hector Moreno and Assistant Superintendents Mike Levchik and Todd Grosenbach have a big job on their hands. In just over one calendar year they, along with the rest of the Pinkard Team and our trade partners will replace 1,650 furnaces, 1,767  hot water heaters, 849 refrigerators, 5,086 light bulbs and insulate 884 attics. And if that wasn’t enough, they will be doing this on approximately 70 sites across the Denver metro area. Just to add a little fun, almost all of the sites are occupied.

Two Pinkard teams, led by the superintendents, work on a batch of 4-6 units at a time, completing the necessary work on the units in just a few days. They first make contact with the residents and explain the process to them and let them know the approximate schedule. Then they get down to business, making all of the energy saving upgrades to the homes. While waiting on final inspection, they start the process all over in another unit.

Despite the fact that the sites are scattered across metro Denver and the furnaces are frequently in 4 ft high crawlspaces, Levchik and the Pinkard teams have nailed down a process that works. “We’ve got this down to a science,” says Levchik, “Conditions vary from site to site, but we know how to get in there, work with the residents and get the job done with as little disturbance to their daily lives as possible.”

Such a big project has amazing rewards. In the first year alone, our client, Denver Housing Authority (DHA), is expected to see an energy savings of over 6.5 million kWh and 150,000 gallons of water. Denver Housing authority expects a full ROI on their $11 million investment in just 16 years.

DHA was able to fund this project with a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and they chose Pinkard Construction Co. as their contractor for this after a thorough RFP process. This is Pinkard’s 15th project with DHA.