Our leadership raises the standard by being involved with every project start to finish.


James W. Pinkard Sr. founded Pinkard Construction Co. in 1962 with the idea that if you work hard, treat people with honesty and fairness, and strive for excellence in everything, you can’t help but have amazing results.

Today, Pinkard is led by a group of individuals who work every day with this proud legacy in mind. James W. Pinkard's son, along with a handful of Pinkard-grown people are guiding Pinkard into its second half-century. These officers are a diverse group with many different skill-sets, but they all have one thing in common: they love to build.

Our flat organizational structure allows our other senior-level managers to be involved directly with their projects from start to finish giving you the benefit of their years of experience. They maintain direct contact with clients to make sure we get feedback on our team and can make changes as needed. Understanding your goals up front and checking in as they change throughout the course of the project  allows us to provide a whole new level of client satisfaction.