Our people all have one thing in common: they love to build.

When applying to work at Pinkard, a pre-screened, qualified applicant’s first interview is an informal visit with one of our owners, in which both parties enjoy a “get-to-know-you” session without the pressure of discussing the position or professional responsibilities. During this first visit, both Pinkard and the applicant consider general topics such as our client-first culture, integrity, work ethic, and pride in construction, as well as things like having fun and comradery.

This relaxed first visit allows applicants to get comfortable with Pinkard before discussing professional responsibilities, and affords Pinkard a better feel for the many ways these qualified applicants can grow within our corporate culture.

Career development is a big focus at Pinkard. We encourage our people to continue their educations in the classroom as well as on the job. This dedication to our employees and their professional development has translated into one of the most stable working environments in our industry. Our employee tenure averages 10+ years, and we have a high level of job satisfaction.

We prefer to develop and grow from within to ensure that all our leaders and decision makers share our dedication to excellence and client-first service. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a part of the Pinkard Team, please visit our careers section.


Meet this quarter's featured team members: 

Odette Bent-Buckles

Odette joined Pinkard as CFO in 2014, coming to us with an impressive 20 years of construction industry experience. 

Born in Jamaica, Odette migrated to the US college and choose to remain after serving in the U.S. Army and graduating with her accounting degree from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs. She and her husband have been married for 26 years and are very proud of their daughter who is currently attending medical school at Liberty University in VA.

After driving almost every weekend across Colorado to support her daughter’s soccer career from age four to 22, Odette is now an empty nester and in search of hobbies with a budding interest in antique collection. She enjoys reading, attending or watching soccer, football or basketball with family and friends, and hanging with her almost 15 year old Golden Retriever.

Favorite Pinkard Moment

I enjoyed seeing the Sunny Vista team prepare for an interview. The commitment and passion was contagious. Their planning board listed project objectives and these objectives addressed the standard and important on-time and on budget elements, but the real differentiator was their focus on Sunny Vista’s needs and defining a successful project from the client’s perspective.

Years at Pinkard

3 years

Jessica Nichols

Jessica Nichols is a third generation Pinkard, but that doesn’t mean working at the family business was a foregone conclusion. Jessica graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Computer Science and spent a few years doing development and marketing for a (very) small software firm before she wound up back in Colorado. She now manages Pinkard's marketing department and puts her analytical and artistic touches on our whole process. 

When she isn’t basking in the glow of an LCD monitor, Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband and children (both human and canine), taking photos, cooking and running.

Favorite Pinkard Moment

Nothing beats the joy I feel when we are awarded a new project. I know it's our chance to continue to build our relationship with that client and give them the best construction experience possible.

Years at Pinkard

12 years

Blake Chambliss

Blake got his start in construction building houses. He came to Pinkard as a carpenter and is now one of our construction managers. In those years he’s seen a lot of changes in the construction business, “Things are much more people and relationship oriented than it was in the past.  Superintendents used to yell and cuss a lot.  Now everyone is sensitive -- group hugs abound.”

All joking aside, Blake values the strides that have been made in areas from defect prevention to project management, “Smart phones, computers and good software have made the process of work easier, more streamlined.” But for Blake, it still comes back to his favorite part of the job, problem solving.

Off the jobsite – way off – Blake has earned the nickname of “Crash” after breaking bones in both skiing and dirt-biking accidents all within the same year!

Favorite Pinkard Moment

I liked working with the people on Westridge Rec Center. The owners were very involved and very proud of the building. I felt like what I did mattered and I was contributing to their neighborhood and its goals.

Project to be proud of

South Lowell Rehab

Years at Pinkard

32 years

Christy O'Hara

Christy has the honor of being one of the longest tenured employees at Pinkard, over 19 years! Christy came to Pinkard after being a stay-at-home mom. She started as our receptionist and grew into the role of Project Administrator.

“I enjoy watching our firm build the community around us and feel a sense of pride when I drive by a project that we were a part of. Being a family owned business Pinkard is loyal to its employees and clients and we are all treated as part of their family.”

When she’s not keeping her PMs and PEs in line, she enjoys spending time with her husband, three grown children, their spouses and her fabulous grandson as well as gardening and collecting antiques. 

Project to be proud of

Benedict Park Place

Years at Pinkard

22 years

Tim Moreau

Though Tim grew up on the East Coast, he opted to attend CSU's Construction Management program. He was recruited by Pinkard straight out of college and has worked his way up to Project Superintendent, counting among his proudest moments, the day he got the keys to his very own Pinkard Truck.

In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, skiing and golfing, as well as cheering on the Patriots and Red Sox. But we forgive him and are glad to have him as part of the Pinkard Team.

Favorite Pinkard Moment

I had a great time working on the CU Leeds School of Business. Though we had a really tight schedule, we were able to add $6 million worth of work to the project – all of the owner's wish list items - and without adding a day to the schedule.

Years at Pinkard

15 years

Patrick Gries

Patrick came  to us from Iowa and joined Pinkard as an intern during his time at CSU. He returned after graduation to work with us as a project engineer and has now taken on the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager where he virtually constructs all of our buildings before ground is ever broken.

When he isn’t lending his construction expertise to virtual buildings, he likes to spend time with his wife and kids and doing “anything outdoors.”

Favorite Pinkard Moment

Working on the CSU Behavioral Sciences Building – The project team were all alumni of the Construction Management program at CSU. It was our chance to use the knowledge learned in the CM program and give back to the university by building a state of the art facility for students to enjoy over the next century.

Years at Pinkard

12 years