Every quarter we hold a company-wide breakfast meeting. We all gather in a room and dine on scrambled eggs and green chile and over indulge on coffee - did I mention these festivities start at 6:30 AM? - and hold what I think of as a Pinkard Pep Rally. A message from our safety department comes first and then other presentations follow. We get to learn about how we're doing financially (which is a big deal to us as all Pinkard employees are offered profit-sharing), see a presentation on one of our current or recently completed projects, get an update from marketing and hear some words of inspiration and encouragement from leadership. It is one of my favorite Pinkard traditions. 

But during our most recent breakfast meeting, we did something just a little different. We wanted to know, from our employees' perspective, what the most important ingredients are in Pinkard's unique culture. So we did a poll. We asked everyone to pull out their mobile phone and directed them to text us up to 5 words or short phrases that, to them, describe the Pinkard culture. Then, using the magics of the internet, we turned those words into a word-cloud right there on the spot and revealed the results.

In case you're not familiar with a word cloud, it's an artistically laid out selection of words, generated by a list of words. The more times a word gets mentioned, the bigger that word gets. 

The world cloud above is the one that was generated when we did this exercise with our employees and I could not be more proud of the result. To have our two most-frequent words be family and integrity is perfect. This is what our leadership strives for daily: a workplace where everyone feels like family and work that is executed with the utmost integrity. I think it just about says it all. But this isn't just the work and sculpting of a few key individuals, it's the culture perpetuated by everyone who shows up to work every day with a smile on his face and good intentions for their coworkers and our clients.

So thanks to everyone here at Pinkard who "gets it", to our amazing clients who trust us with their projects and our trade partners who work tirelessly with us in these pursuits. It's an honor. 


Jessica Nichols
Marketing Manager